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 AS 102 (Spring 2022): Capstone Projects  


Over the course of the Spring 2022 semester, students in American Studies 102 (Let There Be Light: UC Berkeley in American History and Culture) created capstone projects based on extensive primary and secondary source research. Each student researched one place on the UC Berkeley campus — with a focus on one specific feature, era, theme, community, or event — and created a website to showcase what they uncovered.

The list and map below showcases the nearly 60 websites these exceptional students created for their capstone projects. Click on the embedded link within each website title to view their work!

Capstone Projects (numbers correspond to the map below):

  1. 2155 Center Street: Changing the Art Museum” | Alexis Guzman

  2. Evans Diamond at Stu Gordon Stadium” | Nathan Martorella

  3. Haas Pavilion” | Mitch Benson

  4. What is the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology” | Naz Rahseparian

  5. Ishi Court: Naming and Un-Naming at the University of California, Berkeley” | Diana Crow

  6. Dwinelle Hall” | Rodney Green Jr. 

  7. Pauley Ballroom: A Safehaven for Berkeley’s Gay Student Union at the Start of the Gay Liberation Movement” | Charlie Abbott

  8. Sitting in Sproul” | Shreya Aviri

  9. The Impact of Opinions Within Sather Gate” | Alexis Bishop

  10. The Story of Sproul Plaza: Intersecting with The Free Speech Movement” | Natalie Sadighi

  11. Sproul Plaza and the Free Speech Movement” | Allyson Velez

  12. Empowerment and Community: Solidarity through Activism at People’s Park” | Mayzie Angel

  13. The Historical Significance of People’s Park” | Andres Galan

  14. understanding community x university relations through People’s Park” | Ava Olson

  15. Impact of People’s Park on the Homeless in Berkeley” | Jared Kachlany

  16. Curb Cuts in Berkeley” | Madeline Keo

  17. 2534 Warring Street & Asian American Equality” | Olivia Tai

  18. Taking and Making Space: How The Daily Californian’s office relocation intersects with student activism in Berkeley” | Taila Lee

  19. Smoking in School” | Molly Cochran

  20. The Doe Traverse: A History of Climbing and Counterculture at UC Berkeley” | Colin Wills

  21. Free Speech Movement Cafe” | Mia Scher

  22. Phoebe Apperson Hearst Memorial Gymnasium for Women: Views of Female Participation in Athletics in the 20th Century” | Jane McLoughlin

  23. Fannie Lou Hamer Black Resource Center and Garden: Service Through Fruitful Labor” | Jazmine Anderson

  24. Time Machine: South Hall, University of California, Berkeley” | Jintao Chen

  25. A ‘View’ of Evans Hall” | Justin Gonzalez

  26. Ernest Lawrence and the Physics Building” | Robyn Scott

  27. UC Berkeley: The Sather Tower” | Aleia Agbayani

  28. Deadheads, Tofu, and Tye-Dyes, Oh my!: The Grateful Dead and The Greek Theatre” | Sophia Fox

  29. The Theater on Top of the Hill: Music and Culture at the Hearst Greek Theater” | Sophie Goldberger

  30. Needs and Dreams: Hearst Greek Theatre in the 1900s” | Junesse Andaya

  31. Town’ Squeezed Out of ‘Town-Gown” | Benjamin Kassel

  32. The Seismic Retrofitting of the California Memorial Stadium” | Thor Oase

  33. Bleeding Blue and Gold: An exploration of school spirit at California Memorial Stadium” | Kabir Rao

  34. UC Berkeley: Home of America’s Intellectual Military” | Leslie Magana

  35. Big C, Big Meaning” | Ian De Vaynes

  36. The Blooming of UC Berkeley’s Botanical Garden” | Emma Rider

  37. Skull and Keys Tomb: Berkeley’s Secret Society as understood through the physical landscape of the ‘Tomb’ and the abandoned physical legacy” | Natalie Fulton

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